Virtual Show Competition


Should you choose to accept it!
Sadly the Royal Easter Show and many other events have been cancelled denying breeders the opportunity to display their beautiful animals. Sure, a photo competition cannot even begin to compete with the real thing but it can help us showcase our animals and keep us entertained. Let’s not allow this ghastly virus to completely take away all our joy. New breeders and others that live in more isolated regions may also enjoy taking part.
It is important that we keep up our enthusiasm during these challenging times.  Nick Parr, a prominent and respected breeder and judge from the UK, was pleased to accept the challenge to judge the classes and said that the UK is thinking of doing something similar.
Naturally the Feature State shall have priority over which pages they select to use.  This may mean that all or most photos will not be published in colour but will be in black/white. Use your best photographic techniques to do your does justice. Make sure the background in your photo is not too busy. Entries must be received by 10th May, 2020. No late entries accepted.
In the AGW August issue, we will have the Production Classes. The Top Ten milkers in each breed will be calculated by the Federal Milk Award Officer at the end of June. These will be assessed in different categories such as Herd Recording and One Day Production for quantity and quality. Owners of winners and place getters will be asked to submit photos to accompany the results. How many are published will depend on space.
If this is successful we may include the younger goats next time, should the “cocooning” continue.         Shelley JohnSON

AGW Photo Show Schedule