Federal President’s Message

Welcome to the website of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia and thank you for your interest in Australian Dairy Goats.

We are the oldest and largest Dairy Goat Registration Body in Australia catering for all who have an interest in Dairy Goats. Our members range from hobbyists through to large commercial dairies,  because of this we can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to those who are considering owning Dairy Goats.

We provide opportunities for members to exhibit their animals at many shows across all States, with shows ranging from early Spring through to late Autumn. Showing does not appeal to everyone, but attending Shows provides an opportunity to not only have your animals compared to others present, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to discuss common issues with the other exhibitors. We also offer official production recording,  be that for 24 hours, a full lactation, or for total lifetime production, as well as Classification (Linear Appraisal).

We are the first choice Registration Body for most Australian Dairy Goat export enquiries. Pedigreed Australian Goats are keenly sought after by buyers in most Asian countries.

Our members share a common bond in recognising  not only the productivity and health benefits of Dairy Goats, but we also recognise their intelligence and affectionate nature.

We also recognise that owning Dairy Goats is not for everyone. Dairy Goats require daily attention and a commitment to their welfare. For example, when a doe is in milk she must be milked at least once a day. They have to be provided with hay and clean water daily. They love routine, but are also forgiving of their owners when things don’t go as planned.

We have Branches in every State, all of whom have their own websites that contain local news. Your local Branch Secretary will normally be your primary contact for any questions you may have. The Federal Secretary is the contact person for those wishing to join the Society or to register their animals.

Best wishes with your journey with Dairy Goats.

Ian Tyers

Federal President